TRUMPF® Kits trattamento acqua

The Chiller Systems on Trumpf lasers require annual changes to the water and chemicals to ensure proper cooling of the laser systems. Our Copper (Cu) and Aluminum (Al) Water Treatment Kits are equivalent to the OEM Easy Kits. Each kit contains the exact amount of biocide and either copper or aluminum inhibitor for each size of tank.
Proper precautions should always be taken when handling these, or any other, chemicals. The use of gloves and safety glasses (included with each kit) is highly recommended.

Complete instructions are at this link.
The SDS for each chemical can be found below. Click on the applicable link for the SDS you need.

Copper Cooling Circuit
REL No. Kit No.   Packaging Copper Inhibitor Justeq07 Biocide Buffer Solution I Buffer Solution II
  RWK991/EZCU1NA 1   bottles X X   X
  RWK088/EZCU2NA 2   bottles X X   X
  RWK113/EZCU3NA 3   bottles X X X  
  RWK113-P/EZCU3NA 3   pouches X X X  
  RWK108/EZCU4NA 4   bottles X X X  
  RWK108-P/EZCU4NA 4   pouches X X X  
  RWK124/EZCU5NA 5   bottles X X X  

Aluminum Cooling Circuit
REL No. Kit No.   Packaging Aluminum Inhibitor I Aluminum Inhibitor III Justeq07 Biocide
  RWK623/EZAL1NA 1   bottles X   X
  RWK623-P/EZAL1NA 1   pouches X   X
  RWK631/EZAL2NA 2   bottles X   X
  RWK608/EZAL3NA 3   bottles X   X
  RWK608-P/EZAL3NA 3   pouches   X X
  RWK965/EZAL4NA 4   bottles X   X
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